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Essential Guide To Choosing the Right Wedding Car

One of the most crucial aspects to consider while planning your wedding is the wedding car. Traveling in style to your wedding venue can heighten emotions and excitement for what is to come and can also contribute to the entire concept and feel of your wedding. Remember that paying attention to the finer points is what ultimately matters and where you’ll base your memories of your Big Day on.

With so many options, decisions, and aspects to consider in preparation for your wedding, it is understandable how difficult it can be to choose the perfect wedding car. To put you at ease, we’ve compiled a list of the factors you should consider when choosing the right wedding car.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Wedding Car

1. Relevance

The type of wedding car rental you choose will certainly reflect your and your partner’s personality. For instance, adventurous types often go for luxury SUVs and sports cars. On the other hand, older couples mostly prefer classic cars.

Remember that these rental car ideas for a wedding aren’t carved in stone. It really depends on the couple’s reference – it could be your dream car, or you may have gotten the idea from your favorite rom-com. The most important thing is your choice should have relevance to your relationship.

2. Comfort

More often than not, bridal gowns are a bit of a challenge to wear for long periods of time, more so when inside a vehicle. If you have a long and elaborately designed dress, it’s best to choose a luxury car rental with ample interior space to accommodate the bride and the dress comfortably.

Additionally, it’s wise to include the rental car in your wedding dress fittings so you’d know exactly how to manage the dress while getting in and out of the car.

3. Space

Speaking of interior space, the rental car must also have more than enough space for the bride’s companions going to the ceremony and, of course, the husband after the wedding. Yes, it’s typically called a “bridal car,” but it’s not just the bride that’s going to ride it.

4. Budget

As with all aspects of planning a wedding, the budget for your wedding car rental will, of course, need to be considered. How much you’re willing to dole out for it will determine the options you will have.

Check online to find the best and most cost-effective wedding car rental options if you’re on a tight budget. You might even find inexpensive limo car rentals that fit all your needs. And truth be told, you can never go wrong with a limo!

5. Quality

Quality doesn’t always mean higher prices and vice versa. The same holds true with rental wedding cars. Before signing a contract with a wedding car rental provider, it’s prudent to check everything first – from the interior and exterior to the engine performance. You definitely wouldn’t want to experience an engine breakdown on your way to your wedding, right? You will also need to check if the car’s heating and cooling systems are working well. Lastly, check the car’s paint job and see if there are scratches and dents, as these won’t look well in your wedding photos.

6. Weather

When choosing a wedding car, consider the weather forecast on your big day. Sure, top-downs will look amazing in photos, videos, and real life, but what if it’s snowing hard or the heat from the sun becomes too unbearable? You definitely would want a vehicle that can protect you and your partner from these elements.

7. Plan B

Always have a backup plan to ensure that everything will still push through if the initial plan fails for whatever reason. One such example is when your rental car breaks down; you should always have a second vehicle on standby in case you need it. While reputable car rental companies will indeed have a well-maintained fleet of cars, it’s best that you still ask about a “plan B” in the event that the first one stalls.

8. Others

Yes, it’s the bride and groom’s big day, but there will be others to think about as well. How will your family or the whole entourage get to the venue? Do they have to bring their own cars or will you provide the transportation for them? These should also be considered when you’re looking for a wedding car.

Wedding Car Ideas

Classic Cars

When it comes to wedding cars, nothing is more romantic than a classy car driven by a uniformed chauffeur. Classics like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Bentley, and Mercedes-Benz are all great options that will make your arrival at the venue a lot more sensational. Also, these classy cars can easily fit any wedding theme or motif you may have, including traditional, rustic, modern, and luxurious.

Vintage Cars

Much like classy cars, vintage cars are great options to consider for a wedding car rental. The ageless charm of vintage cars makes them suitable for big bridal entrances and stunning photos – not to mention a true head-turner on the road!

You may select to rent a vintage 1920s Dodge Presidential limousine or a Sedanca de Ville to create a day inspired by classic films. It can comfortably carry four passengers, so you could use it to take you and your bridesmaids to the ceremony, and you and your husband could enjoy a very comfortable ride to the reception.

Unique Vehicles

If you’re going for the unconventional, how about a gleaming red London bus? It’s not just going to be a unique ride for you and your husband, you can also give “tours” for your guests around the wedding’s location. This will give you an opportunity to take one-of-a-kind wedding photos while you go sightseeing around the town.

Sports Cars

There is nothing more luxurious than a sports car. Luxury weddings with classic, elegant, traditional, glamorous, and contemporary themes pair well with sports cars. The most fantastic way to transport the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception is in a motorcade of other sports cars and beautiful limousines.

SUVs or Vans

Another option for the best car for a wedding is an SUV or a coach van. They offer the utmost comfort without compromising style. They’re also large vehicles, meaning they can ride much more than your regular cars.


The wedding car is one of the most significant yet often overlooked aspects of the wedding. Some consider it unnecessary because the bridal car is only seen for a few minutes, unlike the wedding dress. However, is it truly insignificant? Bridal cars take the bride to the ceremony area and the groom and bride to the reception venue, but they can also be used as props in wedding photographs. Therefore, it is only fair to consider all the relevant factors when choosing the right wedding car.

Have a Hassle-Free Wedding Day With Black Mountain Limo!

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to travel in elegance in a luxurious wedding car. There are numerous possibilities available, so choose something that you and your partner enjoy, that expresses your personality, and that complements the theme of your wedding. Here at Black Mountain Limo, we will prioritize aesthetics and go above and beyond to provide comfort and safety to the bride, groom, and entourage. Book now and experience luxury at its finest.

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