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Tips for Successfully Planning a Brewery Tour

Beer production began approximately 2500 BC and has evolved from a hobby of fermentation at home to being brewed in farms and monasteries. It was mostly for family consumption, with some brews sold to friends and neighbors. If you come to think of it, beer has been a source of friendship and camaraderie even in the olden days.

After three centuries, specialized breweries of 8-10 workers had begun to establish their reputation in the business. However, domestic beer fermentation had diminished by the end of the nineteenth century, and commercial beer manufacturing had come to dominate the business.

In the past few decades, however, small-scale craft beer breweries are re-emerging as major players in the industry as they revolutionized the process of manufacturing beer. As a result, brewery tours have emerged, thus giving people a chance to witness its magical process and experience the complexity of its flavor.

What Is a Brewery Tour

Ever heard of gastronomic tourism? If not, it’s basically a type of tourism that revolves around food and drinks. A brewery tour is a type of gastronomic tourism that focuses mainly on the process of brewing beer and, of course, consuming it.

The brewing tourism is a booming industry worldwide, with beer enthusiasts and drinkers more interested in visiting breweries than simply drinking them at bars, taverns, and restaurants.

Tips for Planning a Brewery Tour

If you’re interested in going on a brewery tour with your friends, here are some tips to make your trip more enjoyable:

1. Prepare your guest list.

Choose a few of your closest friends who can drink sensibly. Then, choose a transportation rental service that can assist you in selecting the best vehicle for your needs, which could range from a van to a fancy SUV.

2. Choose your routes.

Once you’ve determined who will go, it’s time to decide which beers you’d want to try. Your transportation service provider should be able to assist you in creating an itinerary and determining where to pick up and drop off everyone.

Also, remember to double-check that the breweries you wish to visit will be open on the day you intend to visit and to be aware of any specific rules or requirements.

3. Get everyone involved.

Of course, a terrific beer tour is frequently its own reward; nevertheless, you may add extra excitement by turning it into a memorable experience by including a theme to jazz things up. One excellent recommendation is to request sponsorship from friends and family and donate the funds to a charitable cause. Keep in mind that beer tastes better when consumed for a good cause.

4. Choose a playlist.

What is a beercation trip without excellent music? To make the time between breweries even more lively, create a playlist to set the mood for your tour. Your rented vehicles come with Bluetooth connectivity and free Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect your music and keep everyone entertained during the rides between breweries.

5. Book accommodation.

After your beer tour, would you stay the night or head back home? If you require a hotel, it is advisable to book in advance. But if all else fails, you can always sleep on your transport service on the way home.

6. Sample the local cuisine.

Any brewery tour deserves a fantastic meal, so look into the local restaurants in your location and make some reservations ahead of time.

Do’s While on a Brewery Tour

Do consider trying on samples.

Be open-minded and adventurous to get the most out of your beer tour. Before sitting in with a pint, get a sample of a selection of offerings. As part of your admission fee, you will be presented with different samples along the way. Many craft beer breweries sell samplers to allow you to try various flavors. Others only provide free samples of alternatives that may fascinate you.

Do ask questions.

Almost everyone on a brewery tour, from bartenders to master brewers, is eager to answer questions from customers. The brewers take pleasure in answering any questions about beer, history, and tasting knowledge. Feel free to inquire about the brewing method, ingredients, flavorings, and anything else that piques your interest.

Do buy a souvenir.

Buy a souvenir to remember your tour. Take home a six-pack of your favorite new beer, or choose a T-shirt to commemorate the brewery tour location. Regardless of what you opt for, you’ll have a keepsake from your best brewery tour experience.

Do wear comfortable clothes.

You will be walking, riding, and relaxing throughout your trip, so ensure you’ve dressed appropriately. Keep in mind that close-toed shoes are recommended if you want to see the breweries behind the scenes.

Don’ts While on a Brewery Tour

Don’t assume they serve food with their beer.

Some small brewers may not serve food with their beer, but others collaborate with food trucks or enable consumers to order out or bring snacks.

Don’t drink excessively.

Drink sensibly and in moderation to ensure safety and respect for other brewery tour participants.

Don’t drink and drive.

When going on a brewery tour, book a transportation rental service. This way, you can enjoy the tour without worrying about driving home safely because someone else will drive for you.

Beer Tasting Tips

Enjoying a craft beer is more than just gulping a bottle down in one sitting. For the best beer-drinking experience, follow the tips below:

  • Observe – Fill a transparent glass halfway with craft beer. Then, examine the color and clarity by exposing it to the light. Craft beers can be clear, hazy, golden, yellow, amber, brown, or black in appearance. Take note of the thickness of the liquid as it moves around your glass. Take note of the number and speed with which the bubbles rise to the surface. How thick or thin is the foam?
  • Smell – Take a deep breath and sniff. What scents can you identify? Many artisan beers contain several ingredients. Swirling the beer in the glass aids in the release of aromas. Sniff again to see if you can identify them all. Is it tasty? You may be able to recognize different varieties of hops or malts used to produce craft beer over time.
  • Sip – Take a large sip. Hold the beer in your mouth for a few seconds, allowing it to reach all of your taste buds before swallowing. Consider the flavor in your mouth. Then consider the aftertaste. Take note of the carbonation and the amount of hops or malt used. Is it sweet or dry? Can you tell what each flavor is?
  • Repeat – The more you practice, the better and more sophisticated you will become at distinguishing between brews. Lighter beers should be consumed first, followed by darker beers for a cleaner palate as you taste. Avoid eating food with craft brews when attending a tasting and instead, rinse your tongue with water between drinks to get the most out of the flavors.


Enjoy a unique and exciting beer-tasting and learning experience with any brewery tour. Observe and comprehend the process of creating, fermenting, and brewing beers. Consider the tips and advice mentioned above to have an enjoyable and safe brewery tour with your friends and loved ones.

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