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There’s a notion that getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and that you should savor that special day. But in recent years, many couples have been celebrating their renewal of vows as a way to show continuous devotion to each other. Commitment ceremonies like vow renewal is great opportunity for couples to reflect on the journey that they’ve been on together and to rekindle the passion and romance that brought them together in the first place.

Just like weddings, arranging a commitment ceremony requires great planning and you would need a vow renewal checklist to organize your preparations. Let this blog guide you through each step.

What is vow renewal?

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Vow renewal is a perfect way for married couples to reaffirm their commitment to each other. The difference between weddings and vow renewals is that the latter is a non-legal binding ceremony, so there aren’t any strict rules and requirements. You also do not need to obtain a marriage license.

Why do couples renew their vows?

There are many reasons why couples renew their vows: they could be celebrating a milestone anniversary, while some also hold annual vow renewals to reaffirm their devotion to their partner. There’s no definite reason couples have these commitment ceremonies; it depends on your preference.

When should you renew your vows?

As mentioned above, planning a wedding vow renewal depends on your preference. You can also follow this list of momentous dates:

  • 5th wedding anniversary

  • 10th wedding anniversary

  • 15th wedding anniversary

  • 20th wedding anniversary

  • 50th wedding anniversary

How To Plan a Vow Renewal Ceremony

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1. Decide on your budget.

Your overall planning will depend on your budget. Before narrowing down the specifics, consider how much you want to allow for the ceremony. Do you plan on getting a photographer? Or are you planning to splurge on the catering? Take note of the most important things you want to spend your money on, then plan your budget for each.

2. Select a theme.

Just like weddings, vow renewal ceremonies also come in themes, and it’s up to your preference if you want it casual or formal. Choosing themes for your venue, clothes, decor, and food is also necessary to ensure the ceremony is cohesive. You can also match your theme if you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary.

For example, you can have an under-the-sea or pearl-themed for your 30th wedding anniversary. Following this idea, you could have your ceremony by the beach or on a cruise ship. Aside from this example, you can browse websites like Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

3. Pick a date.

It is crucial to decide on the date of your ceremony if you want to invite important guests and family members. Your renewal of vows could be the same as your wedding anniversary, but if it’s not possible, you can choose other dates that have significance to your marriage. Weekends are also the best options because it’s easier for guests to attend.

4. Choose a location.

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The location affects the ambiance and theme of your ceremony. There are no strict rules for the venue; you can get creative with your choice. There are many options for vow renewal venues, including a church, backyard, park, resort, forest, or cruise ship. Remember also to consider your guests’ accessibility to the venue.

5. Make a guest list.

To finalize your guest list, sit down with your partner and list the people you want to share your special day with. Luckily, having many guests at your vow renewal ceremony is optional. You could opt for an intimate celebration with your closest family and friends. But if you have the budget, you can also throw an enormous party, including extended family.

6. Prepare invites.

Thankfully, technology made it easier to send invitations through electronic invites or e-invites. This way, you’ll be saving money on printing and stationery. Plus, they’re easier to send out.

Of course, it’s okay if you want to do it traditionally. Just remember to send out your printed invitations months before the ceremony date. If you’re having a destination renewal ceremony, send your e-invites earlier for guests to plan their accommodation and travel bookings.

7. Finalize your look.

Luckily, buying a brand-new bridal gown for your vow renewal ceremony is not required. Using your old wedding attire or wearing dresses and suits already in your closet is highly recommended. You can borrow pieces from friends and relatives if you need clothing that suits your chosen theme.

8. Get an officiant.

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Since commitment ceremonies do not require a license, your officiant could be anybody special to you; it could be a close family member or a friend. It could also be a member of the clergy if you like.

9. Write your vows.

Vows are the primary purpose of this ceremony, so weeks before the big day, draft a thoughtful letter to your partner. You can use pre-made templates online to guide your writing, but the best vows come from the heart. Take time to reflect on your unforgettable memories in your years of marriage, the challenges you faced, and how you handled them together.

There’s no pressure to memorize your vows. You can bring your notes to read during the ceremony. Just remember to make eye contact every once in a while.

10. Book a car service.

Transportation is also an essential factor when planning a wedding vow renewal. You can use the car you have, but if you’re not in the mood to drive, you can book a car service so you’ll be relaxed and comfortable before the ceremony.

Key Takeaway

Planning a wedding vow renewal ceremony takes a lot of preparations, and you need to consider many options to make your special day memorable. A detailed and organized checklist makes finalizing all the details and essential things you need for such a momentous occasion easier. With careful planning, you can create a beautiful vow renewal ceremony that celebrates your love and commitment.

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